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How To Create A Free Domain (.Ga, .Cf etc) And Park It On Xtgem

How can I register a new domain?
If you would like to register a new domain name please follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Go to the Freenom homepage:
Step 2: On the home page you will be able to type in s the domain name you would like to register in the "Find a new Free domain" field.
Step 3: Then click "Check Availability".
Step 4: If the domain name is available click "Select" and then select "Checkout".
Step 5: You will then be given the option to forward the domain or use DNS. You will be able to select how long you want to register the domain name by selecting the dropdown menu below "Period". Choose the period you would like to register for.
Step 6: To create a new account, enter your email address and click "Verify My Email Address" to continue to the next step. If you are already registered select "Click here" to login and complete the domain registration to your existing account.
How to setup nameservers for a domain
If you want to run your own name servers, you can!
For that you simply need the names of the servers, such as NS1.MYNAMESERVER.COM. You need to have at least two name servers in which you can setup your domain. If you want to add or modify the name servers of a domain, please go to:
My Domains
Click on Manage Domain
Click on Management Tools
Click on Nameservers
Enter your customer nameservers (minimum 2, maximum 5)
Nameservers for xtgem are:
Press Change Nameservers
It will take normally up to 30 minutes before nameserver changes are distributed within our DNS servers.
1. Do not forward to as it will not appears on Google search.
2. Only .cf .ga free domains can be parked for now
Still having problem parking? Report below. Thanks
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